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    Yousif's Gm application.



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    Yousif's Gm application.

    Post by Yousif on Sun Jul 14, 2013 10:58 am

    Name :Yousif

    Age :19

    Experience : i was a Gm in 2 other server , and i was a forumsMod in other server , i just quit it because i was having school . so now i want to be back to my job Very Happy

    Why should we hire you ?
    You guys should Hire me because I can do my best to make the community proud, also doing events community actually want. I will help everyone with all queries and try assist them with the best of my abilities while doing that I will make sure that the staff here will do everything until the last solution. I will do unique stuff to make people happy such as making unique events that has never been on any GunZ private server before and I have couple in my mind right now that I can put in this thread. I will listen to all GM's before doing anything since I like listening before doing if you get what I mean. I will listen to community suggestions about new events and try them in my extra time with other GM's to see if it would work out or not and I want to see infernal Gunz to become more and more popular and as a GM I will provide everything I could to make it the best server ever. I want GM because I can do more as a GM with power I can stop abusers/spammers and other rule breakers also I can do fun stuff such as events that will make everyone happy. and when i be a gm ill help many people in infernal gunz and invite many people to join the game
    I will help gm's with new ideas of Events and i think it will be nice to participate in this team and create more ideas and fun activities
    , im good at event hosting i played much events so i know what i have to do in events .
    and i can help other people with this game to be more active ,I enjoy hosting events .
    I will respond to people's help quickly.
    I should be a gm because I believe I would be a great asset to the server.
    I know how to host events ,and I try to be helpful to those who need help.and being a gm and get new people in gunz
    I can help to improve the server
    -Banned hackers
    -Mute spammers and flamers
    -Daily events
    -Help New People
    -And Stop Swappers
    -Invite more players

    What makes you diffrent from the rest ?
    I can contribute alot of being Active, Getting rid of the exploits (SB/UC/OC) I have some experience with dealing with these kind of reports.
    Last but not least of course Spamming. It's one of the straight forward reports alot of people report players for, If I recall.
    I can help people problems,help Gm while they are busy,Tell if there is a bug,event on forums,updates.There's so much more I can do like Making events daily for my timezone. Cooperating with players for the help they are in need for,
    and also taking care of the reports on the forums .
    Have you been a game master on any servers? If so we need proof.:
    No but you accepted me I'll try my best to give a 100% work of being an gm.

    Closing : First of all, I just want to thank the Staff team for opening up the applications with consideration and letting people having the chance of becoming a staff member and helping out the community.
    I've never been accepted, But I won't give up. If anyone gets declined, It happened for a reason and of course it's Potential You always lack of it.
    It's not your problem it just happens as desired. I'm always supporting everyone no matter who I hate, But once again Good luck to everyone,
    And may the worthy get it. I'm also sure whoever the Staff team pick will be the right choice. But i've had enough time writing my Application, and it took me kinda 1-2 hours to write this all.
    Thanks for taking the time for reading my application.

    Some New Events Very Happy ;-
    Forums Events.

    Guess the map!

    ill crop some pics inside the map and ill post it in forums who answer it and says the map will get 1 Point

    in-Game Events

    1-Enemy line example : this game it can be only in battle arena the GM stay in middle and the players should run and hide in the small wall but they cant go inside only out its like last man standing

    2- find the mine example : GM should hide mine and players should find it who find it will die and win a point

    3- I ask a question and people gotta answer that first 1 to asnwer it Will win a point( i dont have a name for this )

    4- Find the Gm Example :all the players should be one place and a GM should hide and players should find him the first one who find him will get a point

    5- Hunt the GM(s) : participators Should kill the GM(s) and the GM(s) will have to run for their lives, there would be 2 teams, obviously one for GM's and the other would be for the participators

    6-Floors of lava : GM(s) will have a decent amount of nades and landmines, participators will have to survive the nades or rockets, depends on the map, and the landmines that are on the floor, last to live wins
    Map: Mine or Shower room or any small maps
    If Mine: Rockets and Landmines
    If Shower room: Grenades and Landmines

    7- First To Die : I haven't really seen any similar events to these but here's to how its gonna be played, participators will be unarmed and they have to die first by the GM(s) nades, last to live is out, one winner only

    8- Sniping Deathmatch :A normal deathmatch nothing unusual, only using snipers, first to 25 wins

    9-Snipe the GM(s) : the participators will try to snipe down the GM(s) , GM(s) will have to run away from them and hide, one kill = one point


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